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There are questions that all of our clients ask us at the start of a project. We endeavour to give answers to help our clients understand and plan the next steps.

How much will my project cost to build?

At the start of a project we work closely with you to develop a brief, establish a budget and explain how the cost of a build is established.  There are some rules of thumb relating to the cost of building based on the size but this can go up or down depending on specification, the type of space. If you consider £2000 per square meter for new build at £1500 per square meter for work to existing this will give you an idea of the amount of space you can build. Don't forget VAT! If you a have a kitchen or double height spaces this would impact the overall costs. Of course at early stages of the project developing the brief and feasibility study with us and is vital to plan the scale and parameters of the project. 

Can you help us find a builder?

We have a good network of contractors to help you to find a builder. The important thing to remember is that after planning permission is approved we prepare a more detailed package of drawing that is sent to a number of builders to get prices for your project. We help you to identify the builder who is the best fit for you and your project. 

We are in a conservation area. Is this going to impact our project?

We work on many projects that are in conservation and historic contexts. In many cases we write a supporting design statement as part of a planning application to explain the design in relation to its context. We have designed very contemporary buildings in very historic areas and also designed projects that blend in. This all depends on the taste of the client, conversation with planners and conservation officers. All projects consider scale, material, massing and relationship to the existing. Our job is to meet your needs and tastes and within the context that you are in and work with you, planners and others to successfully design your project. 

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