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House for living in During a world pandemic.

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

We are currently working on a house for three generations of a single family to live autonomously whilst providing support for each other. The house has shared flexible spaces, for occasionally required areas, such as visitor accommodation. The COVID-19 pandemic has whole new set of considerations for how we live, work and play. Although the situation will not last forever we expect it will redefine how we live our lives and use our homes. This offers a great opportunity to think about how we balance our lives in our homes.

Challenges such as isolation, loneliness, anxiety and mental health problems can be overcome by rethinking how we live. This house provides space for the whole family to gather, independent working spaces that are intrinsically linked with the landscape and play spaces including car restoration area, studio and workshop.

The design and pallet of materials has a consideration of being bold in the landscape as well as being integrated with the landscape design. The relationship of interior and exterior is paramount to the inhabitants wellbeing as well as the environmental design strategies of the house.

Let us help you design and build a space for you to meet the new changing needs of how we live. Use our STEP BY STEP guide so you can get a better idea of the process ahead of you. Please contact us to discuss your ideas and let us help you develop your ideas.

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2 commentaires

Barbara from ADSDF
Barbara from ADSDF
21 avr. 2020

I can imagine! This is going to be our house and we think it’s a great idea! Team effort!


21 avr. 2020

We are a 3 generation family that already live together like this. Its definitely a easy way to live

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