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Need a space to work from or escape to?

We are all spending a lot of time in our homes at the moment. Whether we are working from home or managing everyone who is living, working and learning in our homes this period will redefine how we use our homes. We have been thinking about spaces to work in or escape to. We have all heard about garden rooms but never before have they been so important!

We have worked on a number of projects, including our studio, that are within the garden of our homes. It got us thinking. Although the times we are in at the moment are really tough there are many benefits to a garden room.

- Less travel if you can work from home. This makes us more efficient. Less time driving means more time to do you job. Of course, this also means more time to take care of your wellbeing. Perhaps a run, or a coffee in the garden or a little extra sleep.

- Less travel means less cost to your pockets. Less cost on fuel and car maintenance.

- Less damage to the environment. Reduce your carbon footprint.

- Increasingly in our daily lives we suffer from stress. Our focus is to promote wellbeing with our projects and by having a space at home to work from or escape to improves your wellbeing by reducing stress and giving you time to relax, exercise and spend time with friends and family. Here are some of the projects that we have worked on for our clients.

We have also produced a simple step by step guide to help you when planning your project.

If you are interested in discussing a garden room for you get in touch

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