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Top tips for tiny toilets

If you are renovating or decorating a bathroom under the stairs we have some top tips for you from our experience! This spaces can feel luxurious and glamorous. small and perfectly formed! Here are our top tips !

- Accent lighting. Even in small spaces having lighting options allow flexibility in how you create a mood! In bathrooms mirrors with built in lighting create a great look and also provide a functional addition! Speaking from experience front pit make up mirrors are essential! - Avoid mosaic! unless you are really into cleaning grout with a toothbrush! Again we are speaking from experience. Learn from our mistakes! It can look great but when it comes to maintenance it’s a nightmare

- Conceal the cistern. You might think you are losing essential floor area but you are not. We design minimal storage above all our toilets maximising space that would otherwise not be used! - Dont forget K.I.S.... Keep it simple! For more help on your tiny toilet give us a shout! My name is Barbara. Call me on 07814465391 Or email us on

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